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Government Announcement:
  • Income tax department notice: Date of filing of belated returns u/s 139(4) & revised return u/s 139(5) for AY 20-21 is extended to 31st May 2021. One more chance to file your returns


Plans that fits everyone

Taxsane works for all types of tax filers, pick a plan that fits you the best, rest will be managed by our expert team of CA.

Plan A(IT Return for Salaried)
₹ 1200 ₹ 799

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageSalaried income - Single / Multiple form16
  • Checklist Image Income from house property (rental income)
  • Checklist Image Income from other sources (F.D, Bank interest, dividend, PPF interest, etc)
  • Checklist Image Applicable for total income less than 50 lacs
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Plan B(IT Return for Salary income above 50 lacs)
₹ 3500 ₹ 1499

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageSalary income - Single/multiple form 16
  • Checklist Image Income from house property (rental income)
  • Checklist Image Income from other sources (F.D, bank interest, Dividend, PPF interest etc)
  • Checklist Image Applicable for total income more than 50 lacs
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Plan C(Capital Gain)
₹ 5000 ₹ 1999

It Covers-

Capital Gain

if you have sold real estate ( land, building, flat, shop, etc), mutual fund, shares etc during the year, in such case capital gain/capital loss arises which needs to be reported in your income tax return

  • Checklist ImageCapital Gain (Income on sale of shares, mutual funds, real estate, jewelry, bullion, etc.)
  • Checklist Image Income from house property (rental income)
  • Checklist Image Salary income
  • Checklist Image Income from other sources (FD, bank interest, dividend, PPF interest, etc)
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Plan D(Business / Professional Income)
₹ 5000 ₹ 2499

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageIncome from business & profession
  • Checklist Image capital gain, salary income, house property & income from other sources if applicable
  • Checklist Image Applicable for businesses with turnover < 1cr & professionals turnover < 50 lacs as turnover above these limits attracts tax audit
  • Checklist Image Covers freelancers, professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects, I.T, tuition classes, salon chains & more
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Plan E(FOR NRI's / Foreign income)
₹ 7000 ₹ 2999

It Covers-


Double taxation avoidance agreement is made to protect a person to be taxed doubly on the same income

  • Checklist ImageIncome earned outside India
  • Checklist Image Income earned in India for NRE, NRO accounts
  • Checklist Image Capital Gain from sale of stocks, mutual funds, gold, real estate & more
  • Checklist Image Also covers salary, house property income,income from other sources & donations
  • Checklist Image DTAA guidance if required
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Plan F(CA Consulting)
₹ 2500 ₹ 899

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageTDS related expert consulting
  • Checklist Image Reply to Income tax notices & return filing
  • Checklist Image tax planning /tax saving guidance
  • Checklist Image Capital gain issues
  • Checklist Image Form 26 QB/ QC queries
  • Checklist Image F&O audit confusion
  • Checklist Image Any type of income-tax related consulting
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PLAN H(ITR filing for F&O traders)
₹ 8000 ₹ 3999

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageProfit/loss from F&O transaction
  • Checklist Image Income from business/ Profession
  • Checklist ImageIncome from salary, house property, capital gain & other sources
  • Checklist Image Guidance by Miss Rounak Jain
  • Checklist Image Does not include audit fees (if applicable)
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PLAN J(Private Ltd Company)
₹ 20000 ₹ 9999

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageLimited Liability
  • Checklist Image Ease of funding & transfer
  • Checklist Image High market reputation
  • Checklist Image Require timely compliances
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Plan K(LLP Registration)
₹ 15000 ₹ 7900

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageLimited Liability of Partners
  • Checklist Image Advantageous over Partnership Firm
  • Checklist Image Require regular compliances
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Plan L(GST Registration)
₹ 3000 ₹ 1199

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageGSTIN number
  • Checklist Image Guidance as per your business
  • Checklist Image Applicable for all type of business entities including online sellers
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Plan M(GST Return filing)
₹ 24000 ₹ 9999

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageMonthly GST returns filing
  • Checklist Image Quarterly returns filing
  • Checklist Image Annual GST returns filing
  • Checklist Image Business stays compliant under a CA
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Plan N(Compliances- Private Ltd)
₹ 35000 ₹ 19000

It Covers-

  • Checklist ImageAnnual Compliance management
  • Checklist Image Updating new rules & amendments whenever required
  • Checklist Image Annual return filing
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Unmatched Quality

At Taxsane, we treat all our customers professionally & ensure a seamless experience for them right from signing up for the plan to provide accurate tax computation & online consultation by our expert CA's.

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  • Deliverables IconsMoney Back Guarantee
  • Deliverables IconsSafe & Secure
  • Deliverables IconsMaximum refunds assured as per act
Income tax returns by expert CA unmatch quality Taxsane
Deepak (Baroda) Doctor Testimonial

Using the services from last 2 years. Happy & Satisfied.

- Deepak (Baroda) Doctor
Kumar (South Africa) Testimonial

They do returns filing for me & my family based in Mumbai.

- Kumar (South Africa)

Tax Filing: FAQs

No need to worry, it will be taken care at the time of return filing & all which is deducted will be claimed as refund.

Yes, before filing we will help you understand both the scheme & file the one most suitable to you.

If you have changed job during the financial year you will have multiple form 16 from each of the employer in that case you will have to submit all the form 16 for ITR filing

We don’t outsource your return filing to anyone , our team of in-house CA does all the filing & calculation as per the process designed ensuring zero errors

You will have to choose plan D, as you come under business & profession even if you are salaried

Yes it will be taken care while filing return to maximize your refund amount

Yes, gains/losses on sale of ESOPs will be treated under the head capital gains. Plan C is right for you.

As Taxsane has an in-house team of CA offering a control over service delivery, our team can connect & schedule a call as per the convenience looking at the timezones.

1) Someone who is working abroad on client side 2) Person who is having income on foreign assets 3) NRI's earning income in India like house rent, capital gain etc 4) Foreign national earning income in India

This might lead to receiving tax notice leading to filing revise returns

We need to check your case & evaluate properly & than only we can tell if you have audit.

Once you buy the plan, we will allot you our expert CA based on the convenient time during office hours.

The standard timelines are 60 mins however, we understand sometimes things might require more time & we are flexible in that sense.

You can use the chat box to consult for your queries or email us your details or call us directly & we will help you understand your case

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