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Government Announcement:
  • Income tax department notice: Date of filing of belated returns u/s 139(4) & revised return u/s 139(5) for AY 20-21 is extended to 31st May 2021. One more chance to file your returns

Plan A (IT Return for Salaried)

Safe & 100% accurate tax filing by expert CA's plus get annual reminders so you never have to worry about missing deadlines. 3500+ filers bought this plan. It covers |

  • Deliverables IconsSalaried income - Single / Multiple form16
  • Deliverables Icons Income from house property (rental income)
  • Deliverables Icons Income from other sources (F.D, Bank interest, dividend, PPF interest, etc)
  • Deliverables Icons Applicable for total income less than 50 lacs
Plan A (IT Return for Salaried)

This plan includes

  • 1. Your account creation on income tax portal if required
  • 2. e-Consultancy by CA
  • 3. 26 AS form screening to avoid wrong return filing & future notices
  • 4. Analysis of your investments u/s 80 & expenses (e.g home loan interest payment) to get maximum tax benefits
  • 5. Computation of income, set off & carry forward of losses ( if any), preparation of return
  • 6. Tax payment assistance if any
  • 7. Return filing & maximum claim of refund as per act
  • 8. ITR E-verification
  • 9. Acknowledgement & computation will be given to you
  • Deliverables IconsExpected time to complete the task: 1-2 days
Deliverables by Taxsane for Itreturnfiling

Benefits of Tax filing

Honest And transparent approach

Helps in taking loans

Banks always demands income tax returns of last 3 years for loan processing

Honest And transparent approach


If additional taxes are deducted or paid, return filing will help to take the excess amount back in the form of refunds

Honest And transparent approach

Foreign travel

To process visa for foreign travel, agencies demand income tax returns of the last 3 years

Honest And transparent approach

Tax notice & Penalty

Avoiding income tax filing may lead to unnecessary tax notices & penalties.

File Your Income Tax In Just 4 Easy Steps

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  • Purchase Plan

    Step 1 : Purchase Plan

    Secure Pay for the plan you have selected.

  • Document sharing

    Step 2 : Document sharing

    Once you choose & pay, we will give a list of require documents immediately.

  • CA Connect

    Step 3 : CA Connect

    On receipt of documents, our assigned CA will consult & prepare tax returns.

  • Filing & acknowledgement

    Step 4 : Filing & acknowledgement

    We file taxes, get you refunds if applicable & get you acknowledgement from govt.

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Tax Filing: FAQs

No need to worry, it will be taken care at the time of return filing & all which is deducted will be claimed as refund.

Yes, before filing we will help you understand both the scheme & file the one most suitable to you.

If you have changed job during the financial year you will have multiple form 16 from each of the employer in that case you will have to submit all the form 16 for ITR filing

You will have to choose plan D, as you come under business & profession even if you are salaried

Yes it will be taken care while filing return to maximize your refund amount

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