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Government Announcement:
  • Income tax return filing due date without tax audit extended upto 31/12/2021, filing of returns of audit parties extended till 15/02/2022, Filing of Tax audit extended till 15/01/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to worry, it will be taken care at the time of return filing & all which is deducted will be claimed as refund.

Yes, before filing we will help you understand both the scheme & file the one most suitable to you.

If you have changed job during the financial year you will have multiple form 16 from each of the employer in that case you will have to submit all the form 16 for ITR filing

We don’t outsource your return filing to anyone , our team of in-house CA does all the filing & calculation as per the process designed ensuring zero errors

You will have to choose plan D, as you come under business & profession even if you are salaried

Yes it will be taken care while filing return to maximize your refund amount

Yes, gains/losses on sale of ESOPs will be treated under the head capital gains. Plan C is right for you.

As Taxsane has an in-house team of CA offering a control over service delivery, our team can connect & schedule a call as per the convenience looking at the timezones.

1) Someone who is working abroad on client side 2) Person who is having income on foreign assets 3) NRI's earning income in India like house rent, capital gain etc 4) Foreign national earning income in India

This might lead to receiving tax notice leading to filing revise returns

We need to check your case & evaluate properly & than only we can tell if you have audit.

Once you buy the plan, we will allot you our expert CA based on the convenient time during office hours.

The standard timelines are 60 mins however, we understand sometimes things might require more time & we are flexible in that sense.

You can use the chat box to consult for your queries or email us your details or call us directly & we will help you understand your case

The 3 plans are created as per the turnover & demat accounts of the trader, for eg if one has a turnover in future & options of 1.5 cr & has 2 demat accounts, he/she should opt for the standard plan, rest all things are same in all the 3 plans.

Yes you can carry forward those losses for future, we will have to check your case first & then give further opinion

As you haven't carry forwaded your losses, it would not be possible to offset it with FY 20-21 years gain

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